Further Proof Why Windows Mobile Keeps Dropping Behind


I don’t know what to make of the way Microsoft handles Windows Mobile. You can’t look anywhere on the web without finding some information pointing to how far Windows Mobile is slipping behind the competition. Even enthusiasts, who regularly try to make sense of the direction that WinMo is headed, keep getting beat back by the gang in Redmond.

I watched Steve Ballmer’s keynote address at the CES last week, and I kept waiting to hear him say something, anything, about Windows Mobile 7. That’s the next major version of WinMo after all, and all indications are it should be released this year. All I can recall from Ballmer’s keynote is how happy he was to show the HTC HD2, and how proud he was that it is coming to the U. S. Um, Steve, that phone’s been out in Europe for months. It runs Windows Mobile 6.5. There’s nothing new here.

How far out of touch is Microsoft with how to get WinMo 7 on track? This story on Betanews sums it up. It seems they interviewed Windows Phone Senior Marketing Manager Greg Sullivan at the CES, and they assumed the discussion concerned Windows Mobile 7. After all, what else would Microsoft be talking about that would get announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC)?

Today Betanews was contacted by a spokesperson for Microsoft who “asked us to reiterate that, while we were given an overview of the direction of Windows Phone, we were not speaking specifically of Windows Mobile 7.

The spokesperson did not go into further detail as to which product the interview did concern.”

So on the surface it seems that Microsoft not only doesn’t want anyone to think that Windows Mobile 7 will be discussed at the MWC next month, they in effect are issuing “takedowns” to those who say they will be discussing WM7. Is it any wonder that Windows Mobile is floundering so badly?


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