Here Comes Dynamic Caller ID

Flat Planet Phone Co., an Israeli VoIP startup, has developed a new VoIP technology called Dynamic Caller ID that essentially allows you to have multiple caller IDs built on the fly. These caller IDs depend on the local number being dialed. For instance, if you call someone in Orange County, Calif., from New York, the recipient would only see the local number on their handset. The same holds true when making calls to about 50 countries, FPPC claims.

In the past, you could do the same by buying numbers from Skype or another Internet telephony service in various cities. People could then call you back on those numbers via local calls, and speak to you anywhere on the web. The folks at Flat Planet Phone are making it even simpler.

Dynamic Caller ID is yet another example of how the Internet is redefining the very notion of location. With the growing popularity of wireless and VoIP services, the idea of voice being tied to a fixed location is as quaint as horse carriages. In a previous post, columnist Dan Berninger said, “Thinking of communication solutions as an extension of the web and implementation as hosting can help break the grip of the telephone myopia reflected in most VoIP business plans.” The development of Dynamic Caller ID is doing just that.

Photo by Flickr user Matt512