Windows Mobile 7 on the HD2: If or When?

I suspect someone in Redmond knows the planned date for Windows Mobile 7, but if they do, they’re still not telling. At least they’re not telling me. However, the Microsoft ecosystem only works because of the company’s partners, and you can bet that they have a little more knowledge in this area. They need the lead time to put all the bits together, so at some point prior to the public, folks like HTC surely have the information. And sometimes, that information slips out.

That’s what appears to have happened on an XDA-Developers thread according to Redmond Pie. A poster was asking about the possibility of Windows Mobile 7 on the HTC HD2 and here’s the response, presumably from an HTC representative:

“Thank you for your enquiry about HD2
What we do it ROM Upgrades from our website, however 6.5 windows mobile has only been out 2 months and windows mobile 7 hasn’t even been developed. This wont be out until next November at the earliest. But when it is available it will be a free download. “

Similar information was tweeted from an HTC account, but later recanted so it’s difficult to separate truth from fiction on this one. But odds are pretty good that it’s legit if you look at a few previously known tidbits. We already knew that Windows Mobile 7 isn’t expected until at least the second half of 2010. And by some counts, it has already been delayed beyond that, although I’m not yet putting stock in those reports. So a November 2010 data is certainly within the known window of time.

And then there’s the hardware of the HD2. Like my Google Nexus One, it runs on Qualcomm’s 1 GHz Snapdragon which makes my Android device fly. It wouldn’t surprise me if this platform one of a few CPUs that fit a standard reference design for Windows Mobile 7. This CPU  has the power to make Windows Mobile 6.5 users happy due to the snappy performance (see our video demo here), so I can’t see why Windows Mobile 7 wouldn’t pair nicely with it.


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