Smart Grid Event: Here Come the Next-Gen Apps

On the morning of January 28, we’re holding an exclusive event at our office in San Francisco that will take a close look at the next generation of smart grid applications. Here’s the idea: Now that smart grid infrastructure is being built out, what new applications will ride on top — providing services like home and commercial building energy management, smart EV charging, next-gen demand response and billing — and what is needed to promote innovative applications and deliver a truly smart grid?

This is an invite-only event, but we do have a small number of seats still available for entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and utility execs that have strong opinions and would like to participate. This will be a town-hall style event, where the discussion is led by a group of thought leaders, but the audience will be actively participating and it will be live-streamed online.

Our thought leaders include:

  • Andrew Tang, senior director of PG&E’s Smart Energy Web
  • Scott Lang, CEO of Silver Spring Networks
  • Warren Weiss, partner at Foundation Capital
  • John Steinberg, CEO of EcoFactor

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on potential questions for our speakers. I’ll be moderating the discussion and the audience Q&A, so if you have a burning question please either submit it into the comment section or send it to me at katie AT If you would like to attend the event please send me an email about why you’d be a great participant, and if we can accommodate you we will.

We want to thank Silver Spring Networks for its generosity in sponsoring the event and making it possible.

Image courtesy of horizontal.integration’s photostream on Flickr Creative Commons.