Mobile Tech Minutes: Cinch for Mac


[wpvideo ZBGVU8nF w=560]

I recently told you about the utility Cinch for the Mac, a $7 shareware utility that brings the Windows 7 Aero (s msft) drag features to OS X (s aapl). I’m still getting contacted by people not sure how it works so I figured the best thing is to show how it works on video. It is a simple utility that does what it does very well, and I think you’ll agree with me when you see the video.



Hey. Thanks for this. Never used Windows 7 or Aero so I wasn’t really sure what to think of this (even after watching their demo). After watching your demo I decided to give it a shot. In a few days I caught myself using it all the time. Went and paid for it yesterday.


And there is a step up version for around 13 bucks that’s keyboard driven (called SizeUp), on a 13″ screen it’s pretty amazing.


Hey James!
Thanks a lot for this video.
But I think you have also to mention, that there is a “smaller” version, which is freeware.
(same developer ;))
It’s not so cool like cinch, ’cause of the use of shortkeys, but it’ll do the (same) job.
best wishes and greetings from germany.

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