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Haiti Earthquake Videos: The Devastation As Seen on YouTube

For approximately the last 36 hours, talk of the devastation experienced by the 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti has dominated the web, with YouTube once again offering a brutal and unfiltered look at a tragedy.

The hosting site’s official blog and CitizenTube are compiling the stories of survivors and footage of relief efforts in action. One of the very first videos to make it online, footage from the town of Les Cayes, has reached over one million views.

Tracy Reines, Director of the International Response Operations Center at the American Red Cross, has been doing video updates on the Red Cross’s response to the disaster. There’s no visual flair to these videos — she’s simply standing in front of a map and speaking directly to the camera. But there are interesting details about how the Red Cross is attempting to get supplies and aid into the country given the devastation done to its infrasructure.

Oxfam Great Britain has a similar approach to their updates, though they’re also using in-video annotations as well as overlay ads similar to the Red Cross to enable donations.

Actually showing what’s happening in the country is possibly the best way to convince people to donate, and as video and photos flood in the need clearly grows. So, if you’re looking for a list of organizations which need support, as well as tips on donating in a crisis, Charity Navigator has you covered.