GigaOM Pro Launches Analyst Relations Program — Get a Free Pro Subscription


GigaOM Pro is our network’s subscription research arm, and it has grown by leaps and bounds since the launch last year. The Pro site has lots of research and deep looks into various technology industries, all for a low annual subscription fee. The launch of Pro set the research world on its ear, as most industry reports are sold for large fees piecemeal, rather than a low subscription rate for all reports produced over the course of a year.

A new program launched this week under the GigaOM Pro banner will further shake up the research business, as the Analyst Relations Program looks to bring industry professionals together forming an insider community. Verified Analyst Relations folks can join the program, which includes a free subscription to the GigaOM Pro research. From the press release:

“The success so far of GigaOM Pro is in large part due to our belief that expert opinion and research is infinitely more valuable through discussion,” said Paul Walborsky, CEO of the GigaOM Network. “The next step in the evolution is to empower analyst relations professionals to join the conversation.”

GigaOM Pro’s Analyst Relations Program will offer industry first: enabling a more open, engaged and persistent conversation around informed opinion and analysis by leveraging our large community and interactive platform that are the pillars for GigaOM Pro.

“At GigaOM, we strongly believe that the more smart people that are engaged in the conversation, the more value is found in our platform,” said Michael Wolf, Vice President of Research, GigaOM Pro. “By creating a program where vendors can engage, clarify and lend insights around their positioning, all of our community will benefit and we’ll see more interesting, relevant conversations between analysts, vendors and our subscribers.”

“Part of the challenge for an analyst relations professional is to find channels to react to market research once it’s published,” said Ted Miller, Global Analyst Relations Manager, Opera Software. “GigaOM Pro’s Analyst Relations program enables a way for an AR pro to respond directly to research and engage with the analyst.”

Analyst Relations professionals can learn more about the platform and sign up today for the program by visiting:

I know that some of our readers are involved in the AR business, so if that is your line of work don’t miss this opportunity.

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