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Fast Lane Daily Shifts Gears From Next New Networks to Autostream

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The car-obsessed Fast Lane Daily and its sister shows have been a mainstay of Next New Networks since the very beginning of the online video company’s creation. But today NNN announced that production on the shows is being shifted to online automotive content producer Autostream.

While Autostream takes over production of Fast Lane Daily‘s network of car shows, the shows will be joining NNN’s Next New Creators program, essentially keeping them as part of the NNN distribution and syndication system while opening them up to potential new opportunities through Autostream.

The deal, according to NNN CEO Lance Podell, was a good fit because Autostream co-founder Emil Rensing was also a co-founder of NNN and, before he left the company in December 2008, had been FLD‘s biggest supporter. “[It] was his baby — he had a great passion and great knowledge base,” Podell said via phone. “And we also knew [Autostream co-founder] Adam Bruce from his work with Streetfire, so it was like ‘We know these guys, they know us — let’s do this together.” The same creative team will remain with the shows, and will even continue to work in the NNN office on a short-term basis before moving to Autostream’s offices, though they may continue to use the NNN studio in the future.

Transferring the network’s production to Autostream makes sense given how NNN’s creative focus has lately shifted from news to entertainment. This has made FLD‘s focus on auto-focused news an awkward fit, but next week, under the guidance of Autostream, FLD will be relaunching with a deeper focus on the car world. “Cars require not just news coverage, but a specific sort of news coverage for a particular audience,” Podell said. “It’s grown well for us, but could get even better at reaching the intended audience.”

The process by which FLD is entering Next New Creators is an unusual one, though the majority of the shows connected with the program were already working with NNN prior to the program’s creation. However, according to Podell, NNN has received “north of 80” submissions to the program since its official launch, six of which are currently in development and may lead to the launch of new networks, potentially in the realms of pop culture and fashion.

6 Responses to “Fast Lane Daily Shifts Gears From Next New Networks to Autostream”

  1. Who the hell does autostream think they are really?!!! Ever since they took the show it has been sooo crappy. We should all join forces and un-subscribe to FLD’s channel. Maybe that’ll knock some sense into autostream and they’ll bring back the old show they way it was intended to be watched.

  2. The new format is dry, has no personality and is painfully boring to watch. It took me a long time to find a fun, informative and entertaining auto show like Fast Lane Daily. It’s too bad for AutoStream that it takes only a mouse click to unsubscribe.

  3. “Could get even better at reaching the intended audience”? Who in the heck does Autostream think they are catering to with this new format? No one, and I really mean no one, of any age, background, or automotive fanaticism, wants another bland monologue-based car show. FLD grew to the size it did because the non-professional aspect of the production is appealing to the primary target market. Automotive podcast fans are mostly 20-40 year old male viewers, internet savvy, and very well connected. Alienate them and who’s left watching? Understand the target market that made the show as popular as it is and switch back before it’s too late!

    There are over 1500+ comments posted on FLD’s website, and only around 5 are positive (and those are more than likely sarcastic). Get the hint and stop this nonsense.