A Laptop Case for the Obsessive Organizer in Your Life

As much I like to organize and take care of my gear, I’m not overly obsessive about it. Maybe I would be if I had this Laptop Case and Organizer sold by Frontgate. For $129 you get a neoprene gadget bag that accommodates a laptop up to 15″ in size. If that doesn’t grab you, maybe the web of elastic straps to hold phones, cords, chargers and what-have-you will. Even external drives and some thin point-and-shoot cameras ought to be wrapped in loving care by webby bands. There’s also a padded shoulder strap for carrying if you’d rather not use the cut-out handle.

I’d have to see this in person before buying, but it looks to offer some basic protection while also organizing gear. The Red Ferret Journal says that the case is also TSA-friendly for travel — that makes sense as you can unzip the entire bag and open it flat.