Video: Lonely Planet CEO Matt Goldberg on Online Revenues, Mobile and Competition


Late last month, I met with Lonely Planet CEO Matt Goldberg, and did a short video interview with him. It has been exactly a year since Goldberg, the former Dow Jones


Wendy James

It’s all well and good that Lonely planet is growing the digital side of the business.
However, firstly digital revenue includes sales of books on the Lonely Planet online shop, and secondly the iPhone apps, pdf guides and core website content would not exist if the content was not first commissioned, edited and published for print publications first, fact.
Bizarre really, for a digital business, that the destination content on iPhone apps or the website could be up to 3 years old because it is tied to the print publishing schedule.
This is still a last century business model in disguise.

Rafat Ali

Sorry Cindy couldn’t rise to your expectations. Go watch TV…


sorry, don’t agree. videoing this looks amateurish. quite offputting with the voice coming out of the camera, if I didn’t have the written story to go by, I would have thought you were a schoolkid practicising how to video and interview. Next time, use a self timer and capture both of you in the video.

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