New MSN Home Page Still Set To Launch ‘Early This Year’ — But Some ‘Tweaks’ Coming


Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) says it is making some “tweaks” to its overhaul of the MSN home page before it rolls it out more broadly. In its initial announcement three months ago, Microsoft carefully never said exactly when the full launch was coming, only that it would take place “early next year.” Executives, however, told some reporters that the full roll-out would come in January — something that is no longer expected to happen. The new version of the site is currently being used by 10 percent of MSN users.

A spokeswoman says that new home page users “are consuming dramatically more local information and having greater interaction with social media.” (No surprise there, since a big part of the redesign was an emphasis on local content, and users can also now update their status on Facebook, Windows Live, and Twitter directly from

However, the spokeswoman adds that as “with any major redesign, there is a learning curve for customers



this new homepage is horrible………what a bunch of idiots , and they try to make it sound so great !!!!!! i wouldnt advertise on this page if it was the only one available !!!!! i would put an ad on the radio , tv , or in the friggin newspaper !!!!


I’m not happy at all with this new homepage. I click on a link that looks like it might be good and it takes me to something totaly different. I have to click the back button on my mouse once to get to where I wanted to go? WTF?!?!? This is soooo stupid, I too hate this webpage, it’s setup is so dull and bland , a mess of text all over the place and it seems cramped. Whoever the idiot was who told msn to send this though needs to be on the unemployment line. Moron.


Ref.: “Keep sending them feedback as to how much you hate it!”
No; dont do that! It would mean you actually have to go to the MSN website in order to click on the LEAVE FEEDBACK link at the bottom – this is just what MSN wants you to do: go to their website, regardless if it is your startpage or not. As more visitors they have, as more advertisement they can sell out. If instead the amount of visitors drops dramatically, they will notice that something is wrong and also their advertisement partners will lose interest – meaning: less money for MSN. My advice: stay away from the site if you don’t like it.


I keep commenting on their FEEBACK link on the bottom of the page as to how much I hate it. I think and would hope that if we all keep telling them how much it sucks ad what a mistake they made by changing it, maybe, just maybe they will allow us to choose the old one. I dont think I have read on positive response to the new site. Keep sending them feedback as to how much you hate it!


I have a comment! Did you notice NO ONE wants this change? HEY MSN!!!!! Pay attention to the masses.

I believe they will now put a comercial on TV showing some so-called hip asian telling us it was her idea to make the page the way it is. I believe Bill Gates has no idea how his company is being run now.


I really hate the new MSN home page. If there isn’t a way to keep the old one I’ll be looking for a new homepage also. MSN what were you thinking???


I have switched already a few weeks ago. For those of you who are looking for a new website, isn’t bad. If you can’t live without MSN, use MSN Canada or MSN UK.


The new MSN is horrible there is no way to customize it no + or – on moduals no money links or a way to choose them. I have had MSN homepage for 10 years also and just built this new computer a couple weeks ago time for a ne homepage with the new puter.


I should have check for typos!
Here is what I meant:

I too have used to check news several time a day (including sports), and now I can’t find anything in the mess of the new page.
I too am looking for a new site where I can see everything at a glance.
I wonder how many viewers they will loose with this stupid move of not giving a choice to keep a look that worked great for us!


I too have used to check news several time a day (including sports), and now I can’t find anything in the mess of the new page.
I too am looking for a new site where I can see everything at a glance.
I wonder how may viewers they will loose with this stupid move of giving a choice to keep a look that worked great for us!


Hate the new homepage. Guess I will have to find a different one. Goodbye MSN.




So, what if you don’t want Windows Live – Messenger etc. and all the interconnectedness with all the rest of the social links or the local aspects, can you flat out choose or do they just ram it thru like they have? Whats wrong with anonymity, I don’t need the world to know me! I like that my location is not fully disclosed now, web links show me miles from where I really am. Why does MSN need to follow the rest instead of just chart their own course? They wanna be like the Facebooks and Googles but they can’t touch either one. Bing is ok but Google is far far ahead of them in search. I’m gonna bail to Firefox or Google once the push comes!

Elwood Lee

I saw the preview today. Much too complicated for someone like me who just wants to check their email. If we want social networking, there’s already MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Xanga, and about a half-dozen others.

Hey, here’s a thought… Facebook has been loudly crying the blues about low profits. Why doesn’t MSN just acquire Facebook if they want to add social networking to their repertoire? Couldn’t you just see the little MSN butterfly logo perched above the Facebook one? Awww…. ain’t it cuuuuute?

Of course, you think Facebook re-designs piss you off now, just imagine MSN’s team of idiots “improving” the layout. There’s one thought I don’t even want to entertain….


One day the new MSN home page came up on my computer and I can’t get rid of it. I totally dislike it. I went to a new homepage.


The new page is so bad. I just saw it for the first time today. Why did they do this to me?
I hate, hate, hate it.
Goodbye MSN. Now what am I going to use as my homepage. Any suggestions? Why cant you choose to keep the old version. WOW!


Change is ok. Keep up with the latest trends in technology is ok, too.

But the colors and layout SUCK. White?!?!? What are they trying to do, make themselves into a Google clone?!?!? NEWSFLASH: White only works for Google because their page has so few elements on it. The new MSN homepage looks CLUTTERED now.

The new look is hard on the eyes, and makes the page look and feel like a hospital room… or a prison cell, take your pick. Not inviting at all. The old design kicks this design’s butt in terms of warmth.

My suggestion: hire a designer who isn’t afraid of color.

Don B

The new MSN home page sucks… I will use some other as home page now.

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