New MSN Home Page Still Set To Launch ‘Early This Year’ — But Some ‘Tweaks’ Coming

MSN Home Page

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) says it is making some “tweaks” to its overhaul of the MSN home page before it rolls it out more broadly. In its initial announcement three months ago, Microsoft carefully never said exactly when the full launch was coming, only that it would take place “early next year.” Executives, however, told some reporters that the full roll-out would come in January — something that is no longer expected to happen. The new version of the site is currently being used by 10 percent of MSN users.

A spokeswoman says that new home page users “are consuming dramatically more local information and having greater interaction with social media.” (No surprise there, since a big part of the redesign was an emphasis on local content, and users can also now update their status on Facebook, Windows Live, and Twitter directly from

However, the spokeswoman adds that as “with any major redesign, there is a learning curve for customers


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