Who Owns Your Data?


Here on WWD, we’ve recently been discussing privacy in social media, but the issues of privacy, security and data ownership actually extend much further, affecting everything we do on the Internet. As our computing increasingly moves to the web from the desktop, more of our personal and private information — from emails and documents to financial information and even our current whereabouts — sits in the cloud. Gmail, Google Docs, Upcoming, Foursquare, Zoho, Facebook, Basecamp, Flickr, Twitter, Mozy — so much of our data is now kept online. Many people don’t stop to think about where that data is stored, or how it might be accessed or used.

So, who owns your data, and who has access to it? In my latest Long View for GigaOM Pro, “Who Owns Your Data in the Cloud?” (subscription required) I take an in-depth look at the issues of privacy, security and data ownership in the cloud; the legal protection (or lack of it) that your information has to protect it from unwanted snooping; and the steps that we should all be taking to minimize the risks of our data being accessed or used in ways that we hadn’t intended.

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