iPhone Informer — Touching the iPhone This Week

Time for our Wednesday feature that highlights some of the latest iPhone news. It seems to me that we’re almost in a quiet period when it comes to the iPhone and Apple’s mobile strategy. Is it just me or are you getting the same sense as we draw closer to the last month week of January? At that time, Apple is holding some type of event — many are anticipating the introduction of some type of slate tablet device. I’m not going to add to the rumors, although there appear to be many slate stars aligning in terms of component orders and such. Maybe we’ll start a pool next week on different expectations!

While waiting for the next mobile Apple device, what’s happening with apps on the current ones? Although the App Store Economy is huge, piracy is pretty darn big too from what I read. Could it be true that the iTunes App Store is losing out on nearly $450 million due to software piracy? Considering how locked down the Apple ecosystem is, that figure is astounding large to me. Then again, I’ve never gone the jailbroken route so I’ve never installed apps from outside the store.

However, I have been known to install a racing game or two on my iPhone. And I do have plenty of old LEGO parts lying around in the basement. What happens when you combine an iPhone with accelerometer, a racing game and LEGOs? You get a miniature steering wheel control that’s fun for all, of course! Have a look because the visuals are far better than the description. While you watch, I’m heading down to my basement.


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