BBC Teams Up With Samsung for TV iPlayer


The BBC’s popular iPlayer service is coming to Samsung TVs, according to a report from The Telegraph. The iPlayer will be made available as an app through Samsung’s Internet@TV platform. New HDTVs featuring the iPlayer app should become available in the UK within months, and those devices will also include online access to Lovefilm, which is like Netflix in the UK. It’s unclear if and when iPlayer support will be extended to existing Internet@TV-capable television sets.

The Samsung deal isn’t the BBC’s first attempt to bring the iPlayer to the TV. The broadcaster teamed up with local retail chain Marks & Spencer for a so-called iViewer TV with integrated iPlayer in time for the last holiday season. The BBC has also been testing an iPlayer implementation on Freesat set-top boxes, and it rolled out its own Wii channel last November.

Another interesting aspect of the announcement is that Internet@TV is based on Yahoo TV Widgets. That means it shouldn’t be too hard for Vizio and other CE makers that have bought into the Yahoo widget ecosystem to bring the iPlayer to their devices as well.


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