Will's Plans for 2010

2009 was a challenging year for me professionally, but I learned a lot and am applying those lessons to have a successful 2010. Some good things happened in 2009, too, like joining the WebWorkerDaily team, meaning I am greeting this year with some renewed focus.

Renewed Focus on my Work

  • Work with multiple, diverse and interesting clients. When I was growing up my father always worked more than one job, which is how I’ve usually defined my work ethic. To date, anytime I’ve deviated from the definition, like in did in 2008/2009, trouble has ensued, so 2010 is going to see me going back to what works. Oh well, my dream of only getting one or two federal tax forms at the end of the year is no more.
  • Improve the proper care and feeding of my social media presence. In 2009 most (if not all) of my professional reconnections and potential writing opportunities came via LinkedIn or Facebook. My blog also helps people find me, so I am planning to regularly write posts for it rather than it just containing links to my WebWorkerDaily posts.
  • Stay professionally nimble and decisive. This is important because my local job market has been hit by the perfect storm: a down economy, the federal government wanting to “federalize” contractors, commercial company budget cuts.

Renewed Focus on my Life and Spirit
  • Get better at venting stress. 2009 was a stressful year, so the gym remains an important part of my schedule and I am learning the value of letting things go.
  • Make the time to volunteer more and resume donating to charities important to me.
  • Work only with organizations with ethics, honesty and a mission I support. I’ll also avoid working with people who are draining.
  • Start reading more for enjoyment. I just finished Wil Wheaton’s “Just a Geek” and Paul Carr’s  “Bringing Nothing To The Party: True Confessions Of A New Media Whore” and enjoyed both books immensely.

What are your hopes and plans for 2010?

Artwork by stock.xchng user: ljleavell