Store Any File in Google Docs


Google (s goog) today announced that it’s to roll out the ability to store any type of file up to 250MB in size in your Google Docs account, providing a place to back up, store and share your files in the cloud. Users will have 1GB of free storage for files that are uploaded and not converted to a Google Docs format, and you’ll be able to purchase additional storage for 25 cents per GB/year. The feature will be rolled out to users over the next couple of weeks.

If you’re looking for a full file backup, sharing sync solution you’ll need to look elsewhere, as Google Docs won’t offer the kind of functionality you get with apps like and Dropbox, but if you’re already a Google Docs user, this new feature gives you a convenient and secure place to quickly store and share files.


Brian Carnell

The pricing on this is weird. As someone already pointed out, the current cost of storage on Google is .25/gb/yr if you buy a 1TB/year plan.

But on the Google Blog it says the cost of additional storage will be $3.50/gb/year for Google Premier users.


Collaboration Cathy

Google has realized it cannot completely wean away business users from popular traditional software. It has made some concessions, by first offering Outlook integration with Google Apps, and now storage for non Google Docs file types. At HyperOffice, we’ve known small companies are not too hot about new replacements, and are really attached to software like Outlook and MS Office. That’s why we’ve offered solutions for this context rather than hurry up on the “all online” route.


I’m interested to know how they will charge the $.25/per Gig? They must have some sort of minimum in place. I can’t see them pinging credit cards for such a small amount.

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