StatShot: It’s On For Conan vs. Leno

Last week’s news that NBC (s GE) will give Jay Leno his old late night slot back, essentially replacing his successor Conan O’Brien, has helped to make the two talk show hosts hot topics on Twitter. So who is more popular with the Twitter crowd — Leno or Conan?

It was actually pretty close, according to data provided by Trendrr, but Conan won with 40,097 tweets ever since the story broke last Thursday. Leno got mentioned in 34,928 tweets. Both stories peeked on Friday, when Conan received 3,216 twitter posts per hour, surpassing once again Leno, who merely got 2,778 tweets per hour that day. Fox, where Conan is reportedly heading, probably couldn’t be happier.

The late night shake-up also helped to catapult both shows into the Top Five of the most-mentioned shows on Twitter, but it wasn’t enough to take the crown from Twitter darling Glee, which saw 67,804 tweets last week despite being on break until April. Jersey Shore came in second with a total of 46,753 tweets, and Dexter ranked fifth with 27,032 tweets.

The weekly top five most twittered shows is put together from an analysis of tweets matching the exact names of 63 television programs. Trendrr looks at the source data to check that at least 95 percent of the tweets are related to the show. For more metrics surrounding your favorite show, go to and put the name of the show into the search tab.