PBworks Adds Template Store

PBworks, the enterprise collaboration and productivity tool formerly known as PBwiki (see our previous coverage here), today announced the launch of its Template Store, which will allow users to distribute templates to other users. Templates customize the initial PBworks experience with a structure, rather than starting with a blank workspace, and can include:

  • Wiki pages, complete with embedded multimedia content
  • Files and documents
  • Folders
  • Project milestones and tasks

To start, the store has been populated with 25 templates to choose from, all of which are free to Business and Legal Edition customers (under Workspaces -> Template Store).

The Template Store presents a couple of opportunities. Expert users can use it to market their expertise to the PBworks customer base. As well, PBworks plans to allow users to charge for the templates they submit through the Template Store in the future, so if you come up with a useful, generally applicable template there is the possibility that you could make some money from it.

If you’re considering using a real-time collaboration tool like PBworks in your business, check out the GigaOM Pro report, “The Real-Time Enterprise,” (subscription required) for the complete lowdown on the sector.