Google Nexus One Video Camera Compares Well to iPhone 3GS

During the Consumer Electronics Show, I took a bunch of pictures with the Google Nexus One handset and it performed admirably. The flash was ideal in very low light setting although after a few meters away from your subject, the value decreases quickly. But I’m already getting questions about the video capability of the device. I was going to shoot a comparison between the iPhone 3GS and the Nexus One, but my friends at NewTeeVee beat me to the punch. There you can see two videos to compare.

Their verdict? The Nexus One offers better clarity, but the iPhone 3GS handles the white balance better. I’m not surprised by the video quality, though — the Nexus One captures 720 x 480 up to 20 fps while the iPhone 3GS grabs 640 x 480 up to 30 fps. For fast-moving action, the iPhone may trump the Nexus One. But for basic scenery with little to no movement — quite common for my cats, as you’ll see — the Nexus One offers a solid experience. And just like the iPhone, I was able to upload the file directly to YouTube, although I was cautioned that “large” files can only be sent over Wi-Fi.

I don’t think the Nexus One — nor the iPhone 3GS, for that matter — will replace my higher-end cameras for planned video. However, the best camera is the one you have with you, as they say. And since I carry my phones everywhere, the Nexus One camera will get plenty of use when I least expect it — like when the cats decide to get their five minutes of daily exercise. ;)

Note: I’ve received errors when trying to play the video back at HighQuality, so I suspect that it’s still in process at YouTube. If it doesn’t work when you view it, I recommend taking a look later. And if you’re curious about those low light pics, here are two faces you might recognize: Dave Zatz and jkk.


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