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Fox Launching Own Premium Soccer Channel; Ending Relationship With Setanta

So much for any hopes Setanta had of raising money from a sale to Fox Cable Networks in the U.S. Instead, Fox is launching its own HD premium soccer channel, Fox Soccer Plus. Sub-licensing of Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League to Setanta for its Setanta Sports USA is ending, according to a Fox Sports spokesman. Those games will be on Fox Soccer Plus starting March 1. The new network also will offer England

6 Responses to “Fox Launching Own Premium Soccer Channel; Ending Relationship With Setanta”

  1. KennyD'skeks

    Mourning loss of Setanta- what I want to know if are they gonna roll fox soccer, goal tv and fox soccer plus together for the 12.99 US or is it gonna be 14.99 US for the stand alone channel? Going to miss Dempsey and Dolan like a miss football matters and special 1tv.

  2. I didnt like Setanta. Sorry those that are gonna mourn it. I watch the Premier League but if you dont support the top 3 teams, I think you get the short stick (Man U, Arsenel, Chelsea). I am curious to see the new channel. If it isnt more expensive than Setanta and offers better distribution of live games through the WHOLE season, then I say…bring it on. ps:Wont miss rugby either.

  3. It’s a shame Setanta got things so wrong in the UK and failed to create any sort of competition to Sky. The monopoly makes allows Sky to keep things staggeringly expensive with no alternative option.