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The Real-time Enterprise

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The corporate social-networking and microblogging scene is evolving at a staggering rate, spurred on by the massive growth in consumer-oriented tools like Facebook and Twitter. Here at WebWorkerDaily we’ve covered many of the apps in this space, like Socialtext, and Yammer, but if you want to truly grasp the huge breadth of tools now available and how companies are taking advantage of them and integrating them into their businesses, check out the new in-depth report by Sameer Patel on GigaOM Pro, “The Real-Time Enterprise” (subscription required). Patel looks at the history of real-time tools in the enterprise and how they have¬†developed over time, why these tools enable businesses to foster collaboration and sharing, and how¬†real-time employee-to-employee conversations have a positive impact on business performance.

The report contains a comprehensive look at the current players in the market and likely developments in the near future, covering tools from smaller SaaS startups like Yammer, Xobni and Socialtext to the larger, more established enterprise vendors such as Salesforce, Microsoft and IBM. Patel concludes with some solid recommendations for businesses implementing real-time tools. If you’re looking to incorporate real-time tools into your business, this 21-page report is well worth checking out.

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