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Orange: ‘No, We Didn’t Just Confirm Apple’s Tablet’

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Has mobile operator Orange spilled the beans on the supposed Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) tablet?

Bloggers got themselves tongue-tied Monday, when they leaped on comments – given by owner France Telecom’s deputy CEO during a French radio interview – as “confirmation” that the device is indeed launching soon, equipped with webcam, network connectivity for videophone chat and a retail partnership with Orange itself…

Stephane Richard acknowledged the tablet in the interview with Europe 1 (video at, embedded below. Asked if it could benefit Orange subscribers, he spoke about the possibility of an apparent video calling feature. Now the blogosphere is rife with reports Richard has “confirmed” specs and a strategic relationship.

But it was nothing of the sort, the Orange PR machine tells paidContent:UK: “A few comments taken out of context, then interpreted into English.”

A full statement emailed to us has further back-tracking: “These responses in no way reflect Orange

4 Responses to “Orange: ‘No, We Didn’t Just Confirm Apple’s Tablet’”

  1. I do absolutely agree with Stephane, there was NO ambiguity whatsoever in the french version, the deputy CEO, prompted by the interviewer, confirmed that the tablet will have a webcam and that users on the Orange network will be able to use it as a videophone. The only ambiguity IMHO is whether the CEA has been tricked by the journalist or if all this was a carefully rehearsed disclosal of information, arranged with Apple to whet the appetite of future customers in the midst of windows7 tablets announcements…

  2. Stephane

    ” the Orange PR machine tells paidContent:UK: “A few comments taken out of context, then interpreted into English.”” …
    It’s not because of the interpretation in English. In French, he says explicitly that the tablet is coming up and that Orange will provide it to its subscribers. There are no doubt, no ambiguities in the way he says it. How ambiguous is a YES to a direct question that says “According to LePoint, Apple is lauching a new tablet, will your subscribers will benefit from it?”…