Weekend Vid Picks: Some CES 2010 Weirdness

Like the rest of the blogging world, we went a little CES-crazy this week. And beyond the stories of tablets and cameras, some, shall we say, eclectic video came out of the tech show.

Prior to CES getting underway, for example, Intel showed an alarming amount of personality with this pre-CES short, produced in the style of a classic 80s exercise video (complete with side ponytails).

Plus, Lady Gaga dropped by, wearing a predictably killer hat and announcing a partnership with Polaroid.

And then, once things were really in full swing, Attack of the Show‘s Kevin Pereira demonstrated his unique approach to covering the shiniest and sexiest tech gadgets.

Of course, these can’t be the weirdest videos to come out of Vegas this week. See any we missed? Tell us in the comments!