Simon's Plans for 2010


2009 was a pretty good year for me, as it consisted of some big, positive changes, among them joining the GigaOM team to take over the reigns here at WebWorkerDaily. I’m not planning on making any major new changes in 2010, just a few subtle tweaks that should — hopefully — have a positive impact on my work and productivity.

Fit Out My New Office

Just before the holidays, I moved into a new house. One of the reasons I wanted to leave my last place was that it was small, with no separate office — I ended up working on the kitchen table, which was bad for my back, never mind the separation of my work and home lives. Now I have a spare bedroom, which I will be kitting out as an office space, complete with custom-built workspace and shelving — even a standing desk.

Work/Life Balance

I have a tendency to work longer hours than I probably should — once I get in the zone in front of my screen I find it easy to lose track of time. This year, I’m going to try and stick to some regular working hours, a plan I think my new office will help me achieve. I’m also planning on taking advantage of the flexibility that web working affords me to travel more overseas, and I want to kick-start my photography hobby again (although I said that last year, too).


I’m pretty happy with the gear I currently have, but I’ll probably add a new Cinema Display to go with my MacBook Pro and Magic Mouse in my new office. As my contract is up and its battery is dying, I’ll also be looking to replace my iPhone 3G this year — most likely with the new iPhone due this summer, if it’s as good as I hope it will be, or possibly with a Nexus One.

Get Out and Meet More Folks

While it’s great being able to work from home (and as such, not having to commute), it can feel a little isolating. That’s why I’m going to be attending more meetups, conferences, coworking events (like the Jellies I wrote about previously) and generally getting out and about more.

What are your hopes and plans for 2010?

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