Ooma — Rethinking the Home Phone System


Ooma, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based, venture-backed company specializing in VoIP hardware and complimentary voice services, is rethinking the way consumers use their home phone service, infusing new innovation into an industry that hasn’t technologically matured in almost half a century. Ooma offers the Ooma Telo and Telo Handset, which together comprise a home phone system that eliminates monthly phone bills, lengthy contracts and the need for a landline by using advanced VoIP technology.

Available at more than 4,000 retail outlets nationwide, the system enables free calls throughout the U.S. and rock-bottom international calling rates — and with it, there are no mysterious surcharges for premium services. Customers typically save around $400 in the first year alone, which means the product can pay for itself in about six months.

This week at CES, Ooma will showcase new features and services for its award-winning Ooma Telo system that vastly improve voice quality, extend integration between landline and mobile devices, and provide a new level of convenience for consumers wanting a superior home phone telephony experience. With these new enhancements, Ooma extends its renowned call quality, cost savings and ease of use beyond the home and into the mobile and business calling landscape.
For the latest updates from Las Vegas, please visit the Ooma CES page.


Peter Kim

I have had ooma for a while, my parents have one, and a dozen or so friends and family. I have nothing but good things to say, once its set, its set for good, works great, and has saved me tons of $. in fact I got $75 in amazon gift cards emailed to me last week just by having 3 friends that wanted one sign up with a promo code that saved them $50 off ooma.

i think costco has the best deal on them, as you get $100 international credit and 6 month premier for free.


Or you can get magicjack and run with it for 10Yrs(9*$20= $180 + $40)..and its more portable solution. Only downside you have to have it connected to a laptop

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