Nvidia-Powered Devices on Video — Including Notion Ink Slate with Pixel Qi Display!

In case the Nvidia press event didn’t impress you enough, we decided to get a little one-on-one time with next generation Tegra-powered devices. Bill Henry, the Director of Tegra Product Management, shows off the graphical prowess of the ICD slate in this video. If that wasn’t enough, I finagled a demo of the Unreal Engine running on a Tegra (s nvda) developer box.

Not only do you see the gaming potential, but also the $399 Tegra developer kit. I’d really love to hack one of them into a slate. ;)

Just as we were leaving, Rohan Shravan — Founder and Director of Notion Ink — happened to swing by, so we jumped into a small Nvidia meeting room with a prototype Notion Ink device. This slate impressed with Android running on the new Tegra and combined with the Pixel Qi screen. You can see the non-backlit, eInk-like functionality of this display which brings the total power consumption down to 0.2 Watts. Lighting wasn’t great in the room, but the unit still performed admirably — enough that I offered to buy a unit on the spot. ;)

[wpvideo rFIYgSF9 w=560]

All joking aside, this combination of processor and display offers a very compelling portable Android device. After the video, we discussed input methods like software keyboards. We were told to stay tuned for some innovation in that area — perhaps all will be revealed at next month’s Mobile World Conference.