Nvidia-Powered Devices on Video — Including Notion Ink Slate with Pixel Qi Display!


In case the Nvidia press event didn’t impress you enough, we decided to get a little one-on-one time with next generation Tegra-powered devices. Bill Henry, the Director of Tegra Product Management, shows off the graphical prowess of the ICD slate in this video. If that wasn’t enough, I finagled a demo of the Unreal Engine running on a Tegra (s nvda) developer box.

Not only do you see the gaming potential, but also the $399 Tegra developer kit. I’d really love to hack one of them into a slate. ;)

Just as we were leaving, Rohan Shravan — Founder and Director of Notion Ink — happened to swing by, so we jumped into a small Nvidia meeting room with a prototype Notion Ink device. This slate impressed with Android running on the new Tegra and combined with the Pixel Qi screen. You can see the non-backlit, eInk-like functionality of this display which brings the total power consumption down to 0.2 Watts. Lighting wasn’t great in the room, but the unit still performed admirably — enough that I offered to buy a unit on the spot. ;)

All joking aside, this combination of processor and display offers a very compelling portable Android device. After the video, we discussed input methods like software keyboards. We were told to stay tuned for some innovation in that area — perhaps all will be revealed at next month’s Mobile World Conference.



Thanks for the great/long video! I am excited about this new tech as well, and I hope that Linux folks will be allowed to fully participate in this new world :)

I’d also like to see a bunch of compact ‘nettop’ PCs using the Tegra2, which would be ideal for tiny/quiet generic Linux servers, with the additional ability to act as HTPC (e.g. MythTV) boxes.


Do you think that Tegra 2 chip could fit in a smartphone? That would really blow my mind. Great video as always.

Apple will have a tough time beating this. We’ll have to wait and see what they come up with.


i dont see why not, consider that most of the board behind the screen is for connectors, not the chip itself.

David McCormack

Amazing looking device! One question though…what is the advantage of being able to play full frame rate 1080p on a device with a vertical res of 600px? Surely picture quality would be just as good playing 720p and you’d use a lot less bandwidth and power. I guess one possible advantage is that a particular piece of content may not be available at 720p. The lower res is very common at the moment however so I dunno.

David McCormack

Aha! That’s what happens when I skip through the video just watching the ‘good bits’ – I miss the subtleties. Makes sense now. As I said, looks like an amazing device. Really curious to know how it’ll stack up next to the iSlate.


Any thought that these might be running Chrome when they actually make it to market, or do they seem locked in on Android.


Unless/until there’s a version of Chrome that has Dalvik (ie. runs Android apps), I hope we’ll continue to see Android on devices like these.


After that demo, Apple’s tablet will damn near have to walk on water to tear my eyes away. Thanks, guys!

(The other really cool point in their final design that didn’t get mentioned here: a rotatable webcam. Flip toward user for video chat, flip away from user for photography. Or – given that the Tegra 2 platform supports up to 12 MP cameras – high-resolution portable document scanning? I’d buy that in a hot second.)


The Android home screen always looks awful on these large devices with a finger length between icons. That Pixel Qi screen looks pretty cool.


seeing that game engine running, and reminding myself that this hardware has the nvidia name on it, intel and microsoft should be very very scared.

hook this baby up to something like steam, and allow keyboard and mouse to be attached, and you have potentially bypassed the wintel gaming market.

hell, if it can handle it using hdmi out, bye bye ps3 and xbox360.

James Kendrick

It was one of the most impressive demos I saw at the show. That card module shown in the video is ready for OEMs to just plug into their devices. Expect to see them start appearing soon.


OMG …. I’m in LOVE.

For those who just want to see the Notion Ink Adam, it starts at 9:29 in the video. Everything after that is pure sexy. (the Nvidia video before that is nice and informative too, but really, the Notion Ink Adam is a “must see”)

Looks like it’s the perfect size, and has amazingly good speed. Even with the glossy screen, it looks great. I can’t wait to see the final version. And in April!? I need to make sure I have the $$ set aside :-)

Thanks for getting this on video, Kevin :-)

Kevin C. Tofel

Yup, this platform and type of device — even this specific device — looks great! We asked about pricing and before we finished the sentence, Rohan said “you’ll be very happy” with the pricing. It’s a stock line he gave to everyone that asked. I suspect — and this is JUST my gut — that you’ll see this for $300, give or take $50. I really hope I’m right. If so, they’ll sell a boatload of these IMO. Thanks!


Is that $300 guess carrier-subsidized? I’m getting very excited about the emerging devices from CES, but I *really* don’t want to have to get a data plan to get the device down into my price range – for my use, WiFi-only is a perfectly adequate solution.

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