Why We Love CES: MSI Demos Projector PC

MSI just reached out to let us know about a few of the concept PCs it is showing at CES, and one of them particularly caught our eye: The Projector PC is “(c)ombining the brilliance of a projector with the versatility of a PC,” according to the company’s press release. Yes, you got that right. It’s a projector with a built-in PC, supposedly projecting up to 60 inches of HD video onto any white screen, wall, or, if rotated 90 degrees, even the ceiling.

The Projector PC is one of those things that seems to make sense for about ten seconds – and then you start to remember how cheap projectors nowadays are, how little wall screen you actually have now that you just bought that big LCD TV and how much you’d hate to see Windows errors while watching a DVD.

Chances are you’ll never have to seriously think about those problems because MSI’s Projector Concept PC is just that: A concept to show off at a trade show where everyone is hungry for the next big thing. Most of these concepts will never reach the market, just like many of the actual products announced at CES won’t be half as appealing to consumers as they are to tech journalists. We have to thank MSI for reminding us about this.

Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe this time next year we’ll all be lying on the floor like stoned high school kids, staring at the ceiling and watching 3-D movies streamed wirelessly from our Internet-connected toaster to our Projector PC.