Pixel Qi Displays — the Future of e-Readers and Netbooks?

One of the technologies that has intrigued me for a while is that used in the Pixel Qi display. These LCD displays operate in two modes — a normal color mode like most laptop displays and a non-backlit mode that allows viewing in bright light. Once the backlight is turned off the display is viewed in a black-and-white mode like that used in traditional e-Ink readers. I intend to get some hands-on time with the Pixel Qi technology while at CES this week, especially after talking to Brad Linder of Liliputing.

Brad spent some time with a Lenovo netbook that has been fitted with a Pixel Qi display and he couldn’t say enough good things about it. When the display is running in normal color mode, the power consumption is 2.5 W; when the backlight is turned off the display is completely viewable but only consumes 0.5 W. This has major battery life ramifications for mobile computers, and it’s easy to see why Brad is so excited. Check out his video of the screen in action and you’ll be excited, too.