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New Handheld That IS at CES: Fujitsu UH900

Not all new products are debuting at the CES this week, as is the case with the new Fujitsu Lifebook UH900. This little handheld clamshell has a 5.6-inch screen and runs Windows 7. The little computer has Atom inside along with a 62 GB SSD to keep things hopping.

UPDATE: I finally found this little jewel in stealth mode at the Microsoft (s msft) booth. I couldn’t play with it very much but got a good photo of it below. I’m certainly going to try and track down a hands-on session with this little clamshell

The little beast only weighs 1.1 pounds, and the display is actually multitouch capable. This could be one of the smallest “slates” capable of multitouch. The little Lifebook will be sold by Fujitsu in Asia for $999. It’s not cheap but it does pack a wallop.

(via Akihabara News)

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  1. comment

    I’d rather get the Viliv N5. It’s more portable since it’s smaller and has a longer battery life.

    The Fujitsu UH900 is not pocketable. Can’t really thumb type on it. Lasts only 3 hours according to Fujitsu so you have to minus the usual manufacturer’s inflated battery life claims.

  2. I just came back from Hong Kong and the Fujitsu UH900 is available over there for a ‘special ” price of 10,800.00 HK Dollars and that amounts to approximately 1,410.00 USD

  3. Mobilegadgetgeek


    There are a couple sites that I have watched do brief video coverage of the Fujitsu UH900 at CES 2010 so its around there somewhere or someone took it for a loaner. Im interested in this device as I am with most things Fujitsu so if you can find it then I would be interested in watching one of your great videos on it. Hope CES is going well for you. Remember to rest.