Mathew Ingram Joins GigaOM


There are some stories that write themselves. This is one of them. About four years ago, I traveled to Toronto to attend the inaugural mesh web conference. There I learned two things: Paul Kedrosky is as funny in person as he on his blog. And Mathew Ingram is one sharp cookie.

I was introduced to Mathew by his mesh co-founder and fellow tech scribe, Mark Evans. We immediately hit it off for like me, Mathew is an old media guy who believes that the future of the news business is a digital one. A writer/editor for The Globe and Mail in Canada, Mathew at that point had already been writing for more than 15 years.

He and I are old enough to have both covered the Netscape IPO and to know firsthand what a pain it is to design for IE 4.0 — Mathew through his work on the launch of and me through helping to kick-start the online version of Forbes. Most importantly, like me, though cautiously optimistic, he’s betting that technology is going to take us to a better place.

When I was leaving Toronto, he observed that it was time for me to branch out on my own, career-wise. As it turned out, three months later I did just that, launching the GigaOM Network in July 2006. Today I am thrilled to announce that Mathew will join us on GigaOM, writing alongside Stacey, Liz and I. As far as what he’s going to write about, I’ll let him tell you that in his own words.

Though if you’re at all interested in the evolution of the media, the web, social networks and other such topics then you’ve almost surely read Mathew’s writings already. They are powerful, concise, incisive and crucially, they follow the ethos that we at GigaOM believe in: community first. I have been trying to convince Mathew to come and help us realize our dreams for some time. But his dream was to be the G&M’s online communities editor, to help that publication embrace social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook. So we waited.

In the past year, not only did he launch the G&M’s groundbreaking Public Policy Wiki, but Mathew wrote for the Nieman Journalism Lab, where he offered up among the most thought-provoking observations on the media industry of anyone in this business. But now our stars have aligned and here he is. You can also follow him on Twitter @mathewi. Please join me in welcoming him to our little world.


Mark McKay

Wow. I don’t believe it, this is incredible news. Congratulations Matthew, this is great news. Good luck on your new adventure.


Congrats Ingram on the great job opportunity and congrats to Om on the hire. I will miss you at the Globe. Alas life moves on.


Good move Om & team. Been reading Mathew’s writings for a while, and can see how he fits in pretty well with GigaOm.
Good luck Mathew on the new role !

McLean Greavse

Right on. Mathew is a giant among tech journalist. Congrats to both parties!


Sree Sreenivasan

Wow, two of my fave journos working directly together. One, Om, I’ve known non-digitally, back when he was a non-techie (yes, there was such a time, even before we founded the South Asian Journalists Association – – together 15+ years ago. Another Om historical footnote that all his fans here are unlikely to know about. I have more if anyone wants ’em). The other Mathew, I’ve only known digitally, but have closely followed his always-helpful work.

In fact, just yesterday, without knowing that Mathew was bolting G&M, I mentioned him specifically in a piece about social-media editors at major news orgs: (he’s one of the best at knowing the connection between a journalist and his/her reader and how to make that relationship thrive). What succeeds you, Mathew (or tries to?)

Well done, you two.

Mathew Ingram

Thanks, Sree — that’s very kind of you. As for who succeeds me at the Globe and Mail, I don’t think the paper has decided whether to fill my spot or not.

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