Freescale Reference Design Hybrid Tablet on Video


[wpvideo lofUJ4fX w=560]

I had the opportunity to meet with the Freescale folks to have a look at what they have going on with various OEMs. Not many people are familiar with Freescale, but they make chips for e-book readers and smartbooks. They produce the chips for the Kindle and the Sony Reader, in fact.

In this video from the conversation, Freescale demonstrates the Sharp Netwalker handheld, and the reference design slate with the cool keyboard dock.Don’t miss the price point Freescale thinks should be possible with the hybrid tablet. It’s better than you may think. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about new products using their chips.

NOTE: After major problems getting the HD video uploaded due to connectivity issues, this video is in SD.



I can’t get enough of the Freescale tablet. Especially since it is red.


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