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Clicker Announces Best of 2009 Winners

The Legend of Neil, Compulsions and The Web Files are among the winners of online video content discovery platform Clicker‘s 2009 Best of Clicker Awards.

The list of web video winners and finalists:

Best Web Original Comedy
Winner: Legend of Neil

Safety Geeks: SVI
Life with Kat & McKay
The Temp Life
Blue Movies

Best Web Original Drama

Anyone But Me
The Fall of Kaden
After Judgement
Angel of Death

Best Web Original Non-Fiction
The Web Files

Zero Punctuation
Brigitte Dale
Hungry Nation – Vendr TV
A Comicbook Orange

Best Web Original Music Show
Fader TV

The Blakroc Sessions
They Shoot Music
The Artists Den

Latest Favorite Viral Video
David After Dentist

JK Wedding Entrance Dance
“Bale Out” – Christian Bale Remix
The Swell Season featuring Jason Segel
Lego Matrix Trinity Help

Clicker also honored web-available broadcast television and films, with a special category for mainstream content you might not have been aware was online.

Unlike the Streamys, where the winners and nominees are voted upon by members of the International Academy of Web Television, Clicker winners were determined strictly by audience voting. So just like with American politics and American Idol, if you don’t like the winners but you didn’t vote, you can’t complain.

6 Responses to “Clicker Announces Best of 2009 Winners”

    • I might be a “loser”, but it’s true that many web sites have been generating traffic lately by getting people to “vote” via Twitter (the most successful example being Mashable). If the voting was done on site like Liz suggested, that’s great! But, it’s ALWAYS important with awards to question the method…

  1. Was this another “let’s get everyone to vote via Twitter!” contest? I’m pretty sure I didn’t promote it for that reason… I hate getting people to spam others on Twitter for the sake of a stupid contest. I can’t stand that the Streamys have automatic tweet creation after you submit a nominee. Ugh…