@ CES: First Peek At BioShock 2 — On WiMax

If I were a gamer, I’d probably be a lot more excited by being one of the very first to play the highly anticipated BioShock 2, set for sale next month, and I was most honored to be shown my way around the game by developer Jesse Attard. (Not so honored to be killed in seconds, but, hey.) I’m a tech geek, though, and what really grabbed me was how the high-bandwidth game is being delivered at CES: on Sprint’s just-announced 4G Overdrive and without any latency issues. The tiny drive is serving up the game on eight large screens in a parking lot at CES, courtesy of a partnership between Fox Digital’s IGN and Sprint (NYSE: S).

IGN, which usually creates Launch Pad experiences on IGN.com, has a Launch Pad tent as part of the Sprint compound in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center. This was a bit of a risk for Sprint. CES is notoriously tough on connections; my efforts to upload a simple five-minute video were torpedoed repeatedly. But the WiMax appeared to work flawlessly, delivering the game in all its glory (sorry, no game photos allowed) while streaming music, too. Anyone see otherwise?