Vid-Biz: 3DTVs, DirecTV, Fox-Time Warner Cable


Sony, Samsung Show Off 3-D Products; Sony Electronics unveiled its first 3D-enabled Blu-ray disc players and TV sets during a press conference at CES. (Video Business) Samsung trotted out a wide array of 3-D products, including a 3-D Blu-ray player and several 3-D TVs at CES. (also Video Business)

DirecTV Set to Launch Trio of 3D Channels; the satellite TV provider announced plans to launch three 3D channels in June 2010 featuring movies, sports and other content. (Multichannel News) Panasonic will be the exclusive presenting sponsor of the new channels (Broadband TV News), and RealD will provide the 3-D technology. (

Time Warner Cable will Pay Fox 75 Cents Per Subscriber; Initial speculation had the deal topping out at 60 cents per subscriber, but informed sources say the five-year deal calls for Time Warner to shell out more than 75 cents per sub by the end of the deal term. (Variety)

Samsung to Launch App Store That Lets You Tweet from Your TV; consumer electronics manufacturer is looking to push apps that work across your phone, your television, and your Blu-Ray player. (VentureBeat)

Justice Department Will Review Comcast-NBCU Joint Venture; Comcast is expected to file its paperwork with the DoJ any day now, but won’t have to duplicate that effort with a copy to the FTC. (Multichannel News)

You’ll Finally Be Able to Use Your Xbox 360 As a Set-Top Box; Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said AT&T U-Verse TV customers will be able to use their Xbox 360 videogame consoles as set-top boxes later this year, 3 years after the feature was first announced. (The Business Insider)

Blockbuster Inks Deal With ActiveVideo; the movie rental company will use ActiveVideo Networks’ interactive video-delivery platform to provide Web-based interface features to the Blockbuster On Demand movie service across multiple connected platforms. (Multichannel News)

Prove Piracy Losses, Says Digital Economy Bill Amendment; One amendment put forward in the UK’s Digital Economy Bill requires that copyright holders informing ISPs of a file-sharing infringement would need to also put a value on it. (TorrentFreak)

Microsoft Confirms Fall 2010 Launch Date for Project Natal; the company’s add-on for the Xbox 360 that allows you to control a game with body motions rather than a controller will ship in the fall of this year. (VentureBeat)

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