Signs Up With Boxee — But No Video (Yet)

CBS Interactive (S CBS) says it will be adding a app to Boxee’s media center software in the coming weeks. But even though Boxee just got some serious validation from a major broadcaster, that doesn’t mean you’ll see licensed, full-length episodes of CSI: Miami or How I Met Your Mother on its app right away.

The new app will pull in user ratings, comments and other information from, and make it available to users to help them choose the things they’d like to watch. But it won’t have any video, according to CBS Interactive senior vice president and general manager Anthony Soohoo. Instead, he said the initial focus for the app will be on getting the company’s metadata onto the Boxee software and getting people used to using it.

But Soohoo said CBS Interactive might start integrating video assets into the app later. “This gets us working together on a formal basis. It starts an ongoing dialogue between us, as we learn more and become comfortable with each other,” Soohoo said.

While getting CBS to the table is a big deal, it’s worth noting that even if the broadcaster were to cooperate on adding video assets to the app, it’s likely that the content it would make available would be primarily short-form, promotional clips used to market its shows, rather than full-length episodes. While CBS distributes short-form clips widely through its CBS Audience Network, it has been stingy when distributing full-length content outside of

The announcement between CBS Interactive and Boxee comes as the media software company publicly released the beta version of its software. Users interested in playing with the new version, first demoed last month in New York, can download it from