Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Exclusive to Verizon


I attended the Palm (s palm) press event at the CES today and as expected Palm is set to roll out the refreshed versions of the Pre and the Pixi. It wasn’t that much a surprise that Verizon (s vz) will be getting the Palm phones, but Palm has granted Big Red the two new models under exclusive contract. I’ll bet the folks at Sprint (s s) aren’t too happy after this announcement.

The next generation Pre will be the Pre Plus and will get double the memory while losing the navigation button that wanted to be a trackball anyway. The Pre Plus will also ship with the Touchstone compatible back, making all new Pres work with the wireless charger out of the box. It was not made clear if the Pixi Plus will also include the Touchstone capability.

The Pixi Plus remains largely the same, with the welcome addition of Wi-Fi bringing it more in line with the Pre Plus. Both new models will be available through Verizon on January 25th. Consumers who pick up one of the new Palm phones better pick up the monthly tethering option from Verizon, as Palm is including the new “Mobile Hotspot” feature on them. This option will let the phones tether to other devices to share the 3G connection, and like the MiFi with up to 5 devices at once.

Palm will be rolling out the next major version of webOS in February. Version 1.4 will add video recording and editing to all Palm phones. The full version of Flash 10.1 will also be pushed out to webOS phones in February, making them the first smartphones to get full Flash.

Gamers will be happy to hear Palm has deals with major game publishers, and has added development tools that allows using traditional program code in webOS. Need for Speed and the Sims 3 are available now, and they both looked pretty good in the demo shown at the event.



i don’t know what the big fuss is about sprint customer service not been good, i personally think that sprint has come a long way and has become very good, well excellent on customer service, plus their rate plans are much better that Verizon and at&t, the network is also as good as Verizon sprint is actually better inside buildings and stuff, i love sprint you should give them a try and see it for your self thanks everyone.


I think it may be time for me to get a smart phone. Being on Verizon I have 0 interest in anything from Google and Win Mo doesn’t look ready for prime time although its better than everyone says.
So the Pre looks fine the screen is amazing and the OS is great.

James Kendrick

Palm’s CEO stated that owners just need the “appropriate plan” to use the tethering on the new phones with Verizon. I interpret that to mean a tethering option, although that is conjecture.


MyTether has some issues with 1.3.1 and higher, and currently requires patching the camera to get it to work over Wifi. For that reason I don’t see it as a real solution any more.


I’ll attest to that I have a Mac which the usb tethering only works with Tiger. So no WiFi or USB with mytether makes that app useless. I’ve had some serious Android envy after I seen a guy at the office use the bar code scanner app to do a price check on bag of chips. But then I played around with his Samsung Moment and I don’t know if it’s just me but it feels like all Android phones UI feel so dated compared to the Pre or iPhone. You get that unfinished feel with Android like when I used to have a Windows Mobile phone. If it wasn’t for Preware repositories and AT&T’s crappy service I would have moved to the iPhone.


I wonder if, with the recent news and future updates for the Palm Pre, not to mention the good apps they are coming out with, will make Kevin change his mind about the Pre, or perhaps switch carriers since Palm is coming out with the Mobile Hotspot wifi router for the Pre (just like a MiFi router). Don’t know if that app will make its way to the other Pre’s like Sprint. It would be cool though and very useful if they did.


Haha, I am awaiting his response too. I recently signed a new contract with Sprint and as much as I wanted the Pre (I think it has the most polished OS out there) Kevin’s “putting the pre on notice” post factored heavily in my decision to get the Hero instead.


you should learn to think for yourself.

is there a monthly fee for regular mifi’s, do you have a link stating there will be a fee for the PreFi? i havent seen anybody else state that but you.

seems to me the Pre version should follow route with the hardware version.



You should not jump to conclusions.

Before I read his post, I wasn’t aware of how the app store was lacking apps and how slow Palm was getting apps approved. His post raised issues that would have concerned me.

I have used Android before. This was a decision to stick with the tried and true.

Kevin C. Tofel

It’s too early for me to decide if I’m keeping the Pre. Mine is obviously with Sprint, so there’s no MiFi feature, which is a bummer. And my Nexus One arrived this morning, so I’ll need to play with it to see how much I do or don’t like it as compared to the Pre. Once I digest all that info, I’ll make my decision. It would certainly help me lean towards the Pre if Sprint went with the MiFi feature and if there was a rush of solid third party apps that I need and use.


FYI – There is a homebrew app (“My Tether”) that allows the exact same functionality of MiFi for free, i.e., use the Pre as a mobile 3G hotspot. I have used it often with no problems. If you totally abuse it, sprint could ding you, but I haven’t heard of that happening to anyone. They are just happy to have subscribers stay with them!

Kevin C. Tofel

Excellent point, Owen. I actually spent the $10 on it a few months back but haven’t used it lately. I was having some hit or miss problems with it and forgot I have it! Thanks for the reminder! :)


But really, do you blame Palm? Sprint can not stop bleeding subscribers. Yet, in spite of the higher costs Verizon customers continue to rave about their awesome network and customer service.

Sprint is trying really hard, I don’t doubt that but this is just good business sense for Palm.

Now let’s see GSM versions of these babies. I hope they don’t make us wait another 6 months.

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