Nexus One vs. iPhone 3GS Video


Now that my contract is up on my iPhone 3G (s aapl), I’m seriously considering replacing it with either the 3GS or the Nexus One (s goog). The video capabilities of either phone would mean not having to take my Flip camera with me, so both are attractive options. But which is better for video? Janko over on our sister site NewTeeVee has posted an interesting comparison of the two device’s capabilities, shooting video clips on both in order to assess their respective performances. Overall, he found the Nexus One to have better, crisper video performance — except under changing light conditions, to which it struggles to adapt.



It’s near extinction.
The Pre and the Pixie are their last ditch attempts to stay in the ‘smart phone’ arena.

They took years to join a million other phones in the market that can send MMS. I’ll leave it at that.
(awaiting fanboy rants)

The clear winner.
Even if it does have problems adapting to changing light conditions, it can/will probably/maybe be fixed in a coming update.

I’m biased towards Android and their evolving platform.


Since phones are a long two-year commitment, I don’t know that I’d sign up for anything else before seeing what Apple has in store for their next iPhone, probably in June. Especially since you’re already somewhat invested in the platform.

Simon Mackie

I just don’t know if I can hold out that long, even though I know that I should — especially as the battery is dying on my 3G. Though rumors of vastly superior screen res make me think it will be worth waiting for…


I was about to write this exactly. I cam see the post now…”why did I buy that 3GS 6months ago? Now I can’t get this multi-core, 5Megapixel, LED flash, 802.11n, with better battery life iPhone?!?!?”

hold out. Get an iTablet to satisfy the itch that I fully understand (my contract just ended too).


You should consider the Palm Pre as well. Not only is it going to be available on the Verizon network, but the February update includes video and it has the ability to be a MiFi!

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