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Intel Bringing Moblin, Moorestown to Smartphones — LG GW990

Image credit: Engadget

Intel demonstrated the first smartphone running the Moorestown processor during the keynote at the CES tonight. The LG GW990 was demonstrated on-stage running Moblin for the OS. The phone was able to easily handle complex multi-tasking, and was very responsive.

Moblin is an interesting choice for a smartphone OS, and could be the dark horse in that area. Smartphones are small computers, and what better way to handle them than with a computing OS. The GW990 will be out later this year.

2 Responses to “Intel Bringing Moblin, Moorestown to Smartphones — LG GW990”

  1. I’m not sure why Intel are even bothering with Moblin. They don’t seem to be making any effort to get it onto any devices (can you even buy a Netbook running it???) and I don’t see Intel making the effort to market it, cut distribution deals for it, sell it etc. What does it offer that other OSes don’t?

    Intel would be better off concentrating on the hardware and leave the software to others. Why waste time on this when your GPU offerings need so much more attention?