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Meet the Climate Killers: Tim Dickinson argues 17 “polluters and deniers” are derailing efforts to curb climate change. Investor Warren Buffett tops the list for bad-mouthing climate legislation and pouring billions of dollars into the country’s biggest climate polluter and top coal hauler. — Rolling Stone via Mother Jones

Hybrids for the Win: When asked to rate which alternative fuel technologies will be most important for the auto industry over the next five years, auto execs ranked hybrid systems at the top. Battery electric power, fuel cell electric power, and biodiesel filled came in next, in that order. — CNET’s Planetary Gear

EPA Proposes Tighter Smog Standards: The EPA today proposed new standards for ground-level ozone (aka smog) that would replace standards set in March 2008 by the Bush administration. The agency’s science advisers have criticized those Bush era standards as being too lax. — Washington Business Journal

India Plows Ahead on Climate Plans: “India will go ahead with its plans to combat climate change without waiting for global finance as nations prepare for fresh talks after failing to agree on a binding global treaty at Copenhagen last month.” The country’s environment minister said today that international finance should play a “supportive role,” not “a catalytic or a start-up role.” — Bloomberg

The Year in Carbon Trading: The market for trading CO2 jumped 68 percent last year compared with the previous year, mainly because of increased trading activity in Europe. But the value of the market remained roughly unchanged after carbon prices fell, according to Point Carbon. — NYT’s Green Inc.

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