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Sacre Bleu! France Mulls Tax On Web Ads To Bail Out Old Media

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Could operators like Google (NSDQ: GOOG) be taxed every time a Frenchman clicks a web ad? A report presented to the French government suggests exactly that.

The Zelnik Report recommends a levy on online advertising companies, as well as ISPs, to raise between

9 Responses to “Sacre Bleu! France Mulls Tax On Web Ads To Bail Out Old Media”

  1. FrenchCoward

    You made me smile. Just stay the way you are, don’t change. You’re right, we are just soooo stupid ! Everyone is stupid in France ! o/

    Awgod, there a mouse in my house, let’s surrender ! If only I was as manly and strong than a yankee…

    Oh, that’s right. They never won a war since Vietnam.

  2. iMonkey

    Im sorry but: Radu, i really liked what US did in Somalia !
    You think the war is the best way to stop conflict ! But, US are just in Afghanistan to make a Pipeline…
    Its true, America has the best Army… but, we don’t need an Army like yours, we let you die, go go go!

  3. iMonkey

    Hello, im french, and i live in France.
    (sorry for my bad english ^^”)

    I just want to say, that google earn a lot of money in France (like in England or Spain) and in France everything has Tax, this is the way French choose to live.
    If you win money, you have to give money to the French States, France has paid a lot of money to develop internet in France and numeric thing. so Google will earn more money…

    But i also think that’s is not really possible to tax on web…

    Sorry American, we don’t live like you, we help other French and not because we think that Jesus said to do it.

    (Thx if some one correct me)

  4. SacrebleuMerde

    Taxing web ads IS a really stupid idea.
    But I think you missed the most important proposal of this report: a global licence for digital music distribution. That would be a game changer, it would mean that every company selling or streaming music on the web only would have to pay a percentage of its income to a central organisation, which would then pay copyright holders. More or less the same business model as for terrestrial radios.
    As far as I know, no other country has tried such a model. And it really makes sense: today, most people consider that downloading or streaming music is a service, it’s no longer like buying a product.
    The Zelnik report does contain a lot of BS, but some parts are quite interesting, even for people outside of France.

    @tgdavidson I’m French and have never heard of this tax on foreign cars to “support Peugeot” (with an “e”). Didn’t you trump that up? At least France still has two of the biggest European car manufacturers.

    @Radu I can’t help thinking there should be a Godwin’s Law appendix for comments like yours’

  5. It shouldn’t surprise any of us. Frenchies are not the smartest people by far and they have proved this in history by each war they took part in, except Napoleon’s period. But wait, he had Italian origins.

  6. tgdavidson

    In other news, the French also proposed a tax on Japanese and American-made cars to support Peugot, and to clean up the 10 billion oil leaks left behind by Peugots anywhere one ever parked.

    Tomorrow, parliament will consider a measure to tax electrical appliance manufacturers to support the waning steam-engine industry.

  7. DigitalDan

    Sure, and maybe a tax on every email to prop up the postal systems. How about a tax on every computer for the typewriter companies and on every car for the buggy whip manufacturers!