@ CES: Steve Ballmer’s Keynote In Tweets

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»  Keynote started late, ends on abrupt odd note. Fails to hang together. Much like the concept/execute issues MSFT has so often.

»  Bach: ‘relieve glory days of 70s’ this spring when Xbox Live adds virtual classic arcade games , buy once, play on 360 & PC

»  Robbie Bach: Halo 3 ODST users will get to beta test Halo Reach in spring, largest gaming beta ever?

»  I’m having some camera challenges but GDGT isn’t. check out pix of HD2, HP slate, et al http://bit.ly/7wx5sg

»  Cameo appearance from Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) as Ballmer shows off Kindle software on upcoming HP multitouch wireless slate.

»  MSFT demo of Blio ereader shows off the text-2-audio feature. You know, the one Kindle 2 already has that irked publishers.

»  Mobile gets short shrift during Ballmer keynote but he did show off the HTC HD2 to be sold by T-Mobile. http://bit.ly/73TKft

»  Ballmer: More than 30Mm xbox units out there, more than 500M games sold, $20B in game revenue

»  Ballmer: retailers sold 50% more windows PCs during holiday ’09. ’08 ‘was a tough year but still phenomenal #s.’