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2 Years of Chips, Broadband and You!

Two years ago today I wrote my first post for GigaOM. After having read Om’s writing virtually every day for as long as I could remember, I was honored to be working with a journalist I so admired, but the community of experts that populated the site intimidated the heck out of me. As it turns out, it’s been that very community that’s taught me the most, especially in those crucial first few months on the job, when Om was recovering from his heart attack.

In the last two years I have covered the growing importance of multimedia, the disruption of the semiconductor industry, the expansion of super-fast broadband to many areas of the country, the emergence of cloud computing and a newly active Federal Communications Commission.  I’ve tried to share my struggles with work-life balance, and how technology has affected me and my loved ones. You guys have given me advice and deepened my knowledge on all of these topics while still welcoming my take.

Moreover, I’ve been able to see the future that many of you are helping to build through your research, startups and other endeavors. I can’t wait to see how ISPs will deliver 50 Mbps broadband to everyone, how we will transition to IP networks from landlines, what surfing on a mobile phone on a 4G network will be like and how the less vaporous details of actual cloud deployments and standards will work out. And I look forward to your company along the way.

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13 Responses to “2 Years of Chips, Broadband and You!”

  1. Tariq Ashraf

    Hello Stacy, pleasure was mine/ours, I really enjoy an lokk forward to your articles, and find that ‘Alwasys Learning’ attitude engaging and inspiring.

    Looking to learn some tap dancing from you and your daughter some day ;)


    • Thanks Tariq, she’s still at it, and I can finally watch without my stomach clenching up. As for always learning, other than friends and family, it’s the reason to get up in the morning. I’m just lucky I have a place that pays me to do it and offers a forum to learn from.

  2. Brett Glass

    Happy anniversary, Stacey. Perhaps, as you enter your third year, you could even cut ISPs, and especially fixed wireless ISPs, some slack instead of condemning us as evil or claiming that we can’t fulfill users’ broadband needs (especially since we’re doing it, and the only things that are holding us back are anticompetitive practices and government regulation).

    • Brett, I don’t view ISPs as evil, and while I view the large telco and cable providers as a duopoly I am glad they and rural ISPs are providing service. Telecom regulation isn’t a matter of consumers or content providers versus the ISP. It’s far more nuanced, and rules obviously affect providers differently, which is why there are so many different opinions and plans for extending access –and why I spend so much time reading filings and talking to people about how they see the world.

  3. Stacey, I have been reading your work for about 18 months. I always find you very insightful and a “must share” with readers of the Benton Foundation’s Communications-related Headlines. Keep up the great work!