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Kindle DX Goes Global

Amazon (s AMZN) today announced that it will start selling a global wireless version of Kindle DX (the 9.7-inch display version) in more than 100 countries for about $489 a pop starting Jan. 19. Just like the Kindle global edition, Amazon is using GSM technologies — GPRS, EDGE and 3G — to power its global WhisperNet, which allows you to download books for free.

It’s a smart move, especially for those of us who travel internationally a lot and sometimes want to buy a book on the spur of the moment. What do you guys think? Time for me to upgrade from my first edition Kindle?

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4 Responses to “Kindle DX Goes Global”

  1. Jeannie

    The ebookreader market is constantly changing, and this is a good move on Amazon’s part to keep their ereaders competitive. With new ebook readers just on the horizon, it’s pretty much a necessity! Although the Kindle is a strong product, they do lack some of the features other ereaders have. There’s a nice side-by-side comparison chart for Nook, Sony and Kindle at:

  2. Preetam Rai

    It is disappointing for international customers. Most of the books I want are not available for my region. It is silly indeed. I can buy the same physical book on Amazon have them shipped to my country but I can’t buy a digital copy.

  3. These ‘global edition’ Kindles certainly bring clear advantages for US-based owners who travel internationally. They’re much less compelling for international buyers, though.

    For example (and it’s a small point) they only ship with US power plugs.

    Books appear more expensive overseas, as the ‘free’ WhisperNet download is actually offset by a higher book price outside the US.

    Downloads of newspapers and magazines by non-US customers don’t include any images… even if it’s a UK paper (say) being downloaded in the UK by a UK customer.

    The Kindle’s great. The Global Edition is great for the travelling American. Amazon have a long way to go if they want to offer a serious product to their book/magazine/newspaper-reading customers in other countries.

    I look forward to them offering a device that I could seriously justify buying here in the UK. The current Global Edition lineup isn’t it, as there are far too many compromises and limitations outside the US.