HP Refreshes Netbooks, Notebooks for CES


HP (s hpq) is getting into CES fever and have announced a refresh of just about its entire notebook and netbook lines. The netbooks get some fresh paint and other goodies, including a fair smattering of touch. The convertible Tablet PC, the tm2, is the latest iteration of HP’s dual digitizer packing tablets. The tm2 picks up where the tx2 left off and adds full HP TouchSmart software to the touch and ink. The tm2 starts at $949 an will be available January 7.

The netbook line has the Mini 210 and Mini 2102 picking up the latest Atom processor options along with HD display options. Both models feature a 10.1-inch screen and that nice 93 percent keyboard. The 210 starts at $299 and the 2102 starts at $329. They are also available on Jan. 7.

The 5101 gets refreshed and morphs into the Mini 5102. This is the brushed metal netbook aimed at the enterprise, although consumers like it just fine. My video review of the earlier 5101 demonstrates what can be expected from the newer 5102 model. The keyboard is a 95 percent of a full-sized one, and HP made is spill-proof to add a rugged nature to the model. The Mini 5102 is the first HP netbook to incorporate face recognition software, that logs the user in once it recognizes the person is authorized. The Mini 5102 has two options that are first for HP netbooks. There is an interesting touch screen option for the 5102, making it HP’s first touch-enable Mini. There is another option to make the netbook easier to carry, an attachable handle.  HP is pre-loading the Corel Home Office Suite to the Mini 5102 which starts at $399. It will be available later in January. HP is quoting a 10-hour battery life using the optional 6-cell battery, which is only $25.

The ProBook business line of notebooks is also getting new models, notably the 6440 and 6540. These sport the Core i7 processors for performance boosts, and construction with magnesium for durability. These new models start at $949 and are currently available.

The EliteBook business line also sees new models, the 8440 and 8540. Both new models feature refreshed components like the rest of the HP notebooks, with the notable addition of USB 3.0 to the 8540.  The 8440 and 8540 will be available in January for $1,099 and $1,249, respectively.



Ahh… If the 5102 is as good as it seems, I might have found the replacement for my MSI Wind… Sans Touchscreen however.

Not sure the touch in a non-tablet form is going to be worth the inevitable upgrade price.


The tm2 has the unusually perfect combination of a Core 2 Duo with a dedicated ATI Mobility HD Radeon 4550 graphics option, Wacom pen + multi-touch, an LCD that’s supposed to be better viewing-angle-wise than the old tx-series, and a price tag that starts at just under US$1,000 (though presumably without the ATI graphics), if Engadget is to be believed.

I must be dreaming, because this is so the Tablet PC I’ve always wanted it’s ridiculous. I thought I’d be forced to settle for one of the old Gateway E-295C/C-140X/C-141XL/etc. models for practically forever until integrated graphics could even match the old ATI Mobility Radeon X2300, but now I won’t have to.

2010 may very well be the year of the Tablet (PC) if HP and others keep pulling out the stops on products like this.


Any mention of the Broadcom HD video accelerator hardware for the HP netbooks James? Pinetrail’s IGP is better somewhat, but still a slouch.

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