Beam PowerPoint From BlackBerry to Projector Sans Wires


So I’m thinking that when we stop by the Research In Motion (s RIMM) booth, we should take a closer look at its new Presenter device. The 3.4″ x 2.4″ x 0.9″ is light at 140 grams and connects to a video projector via S-Video or VGA. The idea is that the Presenter connects to your BlackBerry handheld wirelessly over Bluetooth and you control presentations using the handset.

And there-in lies the rub for me. The device will ship later this year for an MSRP of $199. Near as I can tell, it appears to be a single-purpose solution — control and display Microsoft PowerPoint (s msft) presentations from a BlackBerry to a projector. I’ll have to ask if there are any other supported formats for output, because if there aren’t, this is a pretty hefty price for one bit of functionality. It’s definitely good and usable functionality, but I’d find it hard to justify when a Celio REDFLY could do a similar thing over wires for $50 more. And the REDFLY would offer the ability to work with the BlackBerry on a larger screen and keyboard all day as well.

Again, I could be wrong on this functionality limitation, so I’ll ask for sure. And for people who need this specific use, this could be a great solution.


Alan A. Reiter

Hi Kevin,

I have confirmed with RIM that the BlackBerry Presenter will display ONLY presentations — not other files, videos, photos, etc. on the phone.

I am convinced that integrated (not external) microprojectors displaying ** anything ** on your phone will be a huge hit with consumers and business people.

It will take another year or two (or three?) to happen with products hitting the right price point, resolution, battery life, etc., but it will be big when available.

Brian S. Friedlander

Hi Alan:

You can display the contents of your BlackBerry now using the Impatica ShowMate solution. However, you can not view videos at this time with it.


Alan A. Reiter

Thanks Brian. I’ll check it out.

I write a weekly wireless Internet column, a thrice-a-week wireless Internet blog and record videos about consumer and business Internet products/services/technologies, so I’m interested in all these sorts of things.

Brian S. Friedlander

Here is another solution that I recently wrote about that will give you more functionality and works with Mac & Windows and it is called Impatica ShowMate. You can also use your ShoeMate to view anything on your BlackBerry so it gives you more functionality then just showing off your PowerPoint presentations. The ShowMate will allow you to use older BlackBerry models like the Curve which can not be used with the BlackBerry Presenter.

Here is the link:

Brian S Friedlander
AssistiveTek Blog

Rodney Reynolds

Nice but having to put up with the gawd awful Blackberry interface and crappy OS will make this device a non-starter.

This is 2010 folks, we have Android, iPhoneOS and WebOS, does anybody use Crackberries anymore except those incompetent corporate exec types.


This was done years and years ago, with the “Presenter-to-Go” that worked with a Palm or PocketPC PDA (yes, back when it was called PocketPC) and never caught on. I don’t see this being a big seller either… especially when some are trying to move away from Powerpoint in the first place.

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