Sale Or No Sale: Mashable To AOL Talk Is Just That


So far, AOL (NYSE: AOL) is sticking to the “no comment” on speculation rule but if the portal is on the verge of acquiring Mashable from Pete Cashmore, it’s a black op so secret that no one there knows. Cashmore isn’t commenting either but why would he? He and Mashable thrive on publicity. The idea of AOL making a deal with Pete Cashmore for Mashable first bubbled up from Gawker, then boiled over with a tweet from Robert Scoble that a deal was being done. He has since backed off, suggesting “it might not be an ad sale; might be over ad revenues.”

That would be interesting, especially if AOL is thinking about appealing to high-profile blogs with some kind of Federated Media setup. FM currently reps Mashable, calling it “the world


Ben Elowitz

Super interesting – because it signals AOL is expanding its view of who the consumer is and what kinds of content are interesting to a new vertical, beyond traditional consumer pubs.

Alex Davidson

I’m not sure if I would be able to completely trust Mashable as a tech news source if they are owned by one of the larger tech companies like AOL. Are we supposed to believe that Mashable would be able to write any hard hitting commentary on the company that signs their paychecks? I personally love Mashable and would like to see them remain independent.

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