Update: MusicWeek Hastily Retreats On Pricey Mobile App


Just what is the appropriate price for a B2B magazine’s mobile app? That answer is still being thrashed out in the industry – and United Business Media’s MusicWeek is so uncertain that it’s already changed it’s mind, less than 24 hours after launching its debut app.

The music-biz mag introduced an iPhone app Wednesday with a hefty £9.99, renewable price tag for 30 days’ access to new issues, news, data and the archive. Some raised eyebrows at what is a steep price for a mobile mag – though it’s a decent enough discount on the print/online subscription, which, at £225 a year, works out to be double the iPhone rate, £18.75 per month.

But the offering has already changed, we’ve now learned. Exact Editions, the digital-replica vendor that made the app, said that it had been talking with MusicWeek about lowering the price while the app was with Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) for approval.

Now the app itself has magically become free, sort of. Readers will be able to read some of the content – specifically, the last three issues from a month ago – for no charge. But the £9.99 price tag has also remained: readers who want the current month of MusicWeek, plus any archived content beyond the month before still need to pay £9.99 for 30 days of access.

Experience may have been the tipping point for UBM: Exact Editions has developed digital editions for a number of magazines, and, more recently, mobile apps for the Spectator, Opera Magazine and Athletics Monthly

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