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Best Buy Launches New Social-Centric Site ‘The BBY’

Best Buy will have a major presence here at CES with a pop-up store in the parking lot, hotel kiosks, sponsorship, and a few hundred employees. But not everyone is in Las Vegas to show off the big-box retail chain in person. Manhattan Blue Shirt Nick DeVita, fellow Blue Shirts and Geek Squad Agents are here to cover CES for their customers — the latest example of a company trying to set its own tone by producing its own consumer media. They’ll be shooting on the show floor and, starting Thursday, sharing the results on The BBY at, a new corporate social media-centric site that launched in beta this week. pulls together the various social media activities the company already has in place, including the Twelpforce, which handles customer support by Twitter. CMO Barry Judge is an active tweeter (@BestBuyCMO). CEO Brian Dunn and Judge are posting about CES and promise updates during the show; other employees are blogging and tweeting as well. Sharing from Twitter, Facebook and Digg is enabled across the site. It’s still a corporate site with souped-up access to info, press releases and the stock price; the current, more stolid stays in place while this one is being tested and expanded, at least through March.

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