Eye-Fi Pro X2 Wireless Transfers Photos Farther and Faster


What would make the Eye-Fi wireless SD cards even better? Most folks would either say “more storage” or “more speed.” What would you say to both? Actually, you can bite your tongue because no matter what you say, Eye-Fi has an updated product announcement in time for CES. The Eye-Fi Pro X2 is just like the current Pro card, but the X2 means — wait for it — twice the storage capacity with 8 GB over the current 4G, and support for faster 802.11n W-Fi for greater transfer range and speed. The new Pro X2 is also rated as a Class 6 memory card, for speedier reads and writes.

All of this doubling down doesn’t cost a cent more than the current Pro card either — the MSRP of the new Pro X2 is still $149.99. And just like the current offering, you can upload JPEG, RAW or video files from your camera without wires. The new Endless Memory mode will even free up space on your card as photos are offloaded. My own testing of an Eye-Fi card showed it to be a usable solution, but not nearly as fast as using a USB cable or card reader. I’d probably see more benefit if I transferred pics to various online photo sites since the card can do that automatically, but I tend to edit photos before shooting them to the web. However, with these latest improvements in the hardware, I may have to take another look. There’s something very appealing about moving high-resolution photos or videos from a DSLR to a computer without wires.

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