Buying Domain; Building Up On Namesake Twitter Feed is really getting serious about this whole breaking news thing: First it took over management of the @BreakingNews twitter feed from the company BNO News late last year, and now, it is buying the domain name from its current owner, to build its real time news delivery service. For now, the site has a headline feed same as the @BreakingNews Twitter feed. No word on what future plan are, yet, except to say that its “multi-platform, integrated effort…will evolve in the coming months”. Also, Charlie Tillinghast, president of the MSNBC Digital Network — which includes,,,,, Newsvine, and EveryBlock — teased this out: “Hard and fast breaking news is currently an undeserved market.” Who knew?

How long now before actually buys out the Twitter feed from BNO News, or further still, but the Dutch news company building its own breaking news wire service?